Come to the Table: Recipes for Loving & Serving


A recipe is more than its ingredients and how-to’s. It’s a blueprint for physical and spiritual nourishment. Recipes embed story, history, and community. They’re mini-maps of what brings us to the table. In this anthology food evokes the holy; we are fed and often healed.



This recipe anthology is offered in the Benedictine spirit of “hospitality of the heart.” You are invited to savor delicious offerings of family memories and yummy recipes. This collection includes the voices of many in the community of St. Gertrude’s: sisters, staff, oblates, volunteers, retreatants and guests, as well as friends of the Monastery. Writings from the St. Gertrude’s community are gathered around traditional Benedictine values, complemented by hand-drawn illustrations, archival and personal photographs.

A unique and homemade creation, this collection is dedicated to, and a reflection of, the Monastery of St. Gertrude.

Co-edited by Ched Johnson and Nancy Collins-Warner, 159 pages, 8 ½ x 8 ½ square, softcover, 15.7 oz, spiral-bound, pub. 2021.

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Weight 15.7 oz
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